All in-person participants should check in with the organizing committee upon arrival on USC's campus. USC student volunteers/staff will be stationed at the check-in desk in the Mudd Hall of Philosophy courtyard from 8AM-4PM on Saturday 6/18 and Sunday 6/19, and from 8:30AM-7PM on Monday 6/20.

All times listed are in Pacific Time.

Bootcamp courses

Saturday, June 18th - Sunday, June 19th

Breakfast (8:30AM-9AM) and a coffee break (10:45AM-11AM) will be provided each day.

MHP 101
THH 116
THH 210
THH 212
Introduction to non-extensional higher-order logics and their applications to propositional attitudes
Cian Dorr & Harvey Lederman
Topic shift in conversation:
A computational approach to relevance and coherence

Livia Polanyi
Temporal reference with and without tense
Roumyana Pancheva
Introduction to propositional quantifiers
Peter Fritz
Unifying formulaic, geometric, and algebraic theories of semantics
Andras Kornai
Finite-state text processing
Kyle Gorman

Regular courses

Monday, June 20th - Friday, June 24th

MHP 101
THH 116
THH 208
THH 212
THH 102/SOS B2*
8:30AM-9AM Breakfast
(MHP courtyard and THH 213)
9AM-10:20AM Python for logic and language
Khalil Iskarous
Phono-logical reasoning
Charles Reiss
Incremental language processing in dialogue systems
Julian Hough &
Arash Eshghi
Counting and measuring events
Elizabeth Coppock
Normality-based approaches to inductive knowledge, epistemic logic, and belief-revision
Jeremy Goodman &
Bernhard Salow
10:20AM-10:35AM Coffee break
(MHP courtyard and THH 213)
10:35AM-11:55AM Topology, logic, and epistemology
Adam Bjorndahl
Multiparty and multi-floor dialogue structure
David Traum
Learnability of quantifiers
Jakub Szymanik &
Shane Steinert-Threlkeld
Futurity, evidentiality, and modality: Cross-disciplinary perspectives
Fabrizio Cariani &
Natasha Korotkova
Combinatory categorial grammar: An introduction
Mark Steedman
12PM-1:55PM Special lunchtime programming
(see below)
2PM-3:20PM The logic and grammar of context-sensitivity
Una Stojnic
Dialogue across the lifespan
Jonathan Ginzburg &
Andy Lücking
Implementing semantic compositionality
Kyle Rawlins
Scalar implicature: Recent developments in theoretical and experimental approaches
Anton Benz &
Nicole Gotzner
3:20PM-3:35PM Coffee break
(MHP courtyard and THH 213)
3:35PM-4:55PM Possibility Semantics: Theory and application
Wes Holliday
Note: Monday's lecture was in THH 116
Introduction to information theory: Applications to cognitive science
Mathias Winther Madsen
Semantics as the study of a modular system
Daniel Harris
Corpus construction for theoretical analysis and NLP applications
Lotus Goldberg &
Amber Stubbs
Workshop: Subjectivity in semantic interpretation
Elsi Kaiser &
Deniz Rudin
THH 102/SOS B2*
6PM-9PM In-person social events (Tuesday and Thursday)
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THH 213 will be available from 8:30AM to 5PM as a break room.
You can find the Mudd Hall of Philosophy (MHP), Taper Hall (THH), and the Social Sciences Building (SOS) in this map .
* These classes will be held in THH 102 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and in SOS B2 on Tuesday and Friday.

Special lunchtime programming

Held in MHP 101 and MHP Courtyard, boxed lunches provided for lunchtime programming participants

Mon Jun 20
Tue Jun 21
Wed Jun 22
Thu Jun 23
Fri Jun 24
12PM-1:55PM Pop-Up Mentoring Program Industry Jobs: Panel Discussion and Q&A Student session Student session NA

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