For students

Student Session

The following abstracts have been selected for 20-minute presentations at the Student Session, which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday at lunchtime in MHP 101:

  • Complex Names
    Seungtaek Lee (University of California, Los Angeles)

  • What ‘Exactly’ and ‘Precisely’ Exactly and Precisely Mean
    Yasha Sapir (University of Southern California) & Adam Woodnutt (University of Southern California)

  • Is Plural Logic Indispensable?
    Andrea Lupo (University of Italian Switzerland)

  • The Underdeterministic Framework
    Tom Wysocki (University of Pittsburgh)

  • Semantic Closure and Natural Language
    Fernanda Abrahão (University of São Paulo)

  • and-a-half Numeral Constructions in Hindi
    Shaunak Phadnis, Independent Researcher

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Pop-Up Mentoring Program

NASSLLI 2022 is proud to host a Pop-Up Mentoring Program (PUMP) event. PUMP (sponsored by the LSA Committee on Gender Equity) provides on-site, one-off mentoring meetings at linguistics conferences around the world. PUMP matches one or more mentees with mentors who can provide quick but personalized career advice to linguists at any stage, in any location, and in any career: anyone can be a mentee or mentor, the more the merrier. You can register as a mentee here, and as a mentor here. We almost always have a lot of mentee interest so we especially encourage relatively senior scholars to apply as mentors if they think they can. The deadline for registering as a mentee or a mentor for this event is June 10. After you register, you will receive an email matching you with your mentor or mentee, with details about how to meet. There will be a catered lunch during the PUMP session.

For any questions, please contact Jessica Rett at

Industry Jobs: Panel Discussion and Q&A

NASSLLI will host a panel discussion on pursuing careers in industry from an academic background. There will be moderated discussion of how to leverage academic training in pursuing positions in industry, followed by open Q&A with the audience. Confirmed panelists, all of whom have first-hand experience securing industry positions after completing a PhD in a NASSLLI-relevant field, include:

  • Andy Zhang (Google)
  • Lauren Northrup (Instagram)
  • Sar Ouwayda (Google)
  • Mark Norris (Grammarly)
  • Karl DeVries (Google)

For any questions, please contact Deniz Rudin at