Student Grants - Call for applications

The NASSLLI organizing committee will award up to 50 grants to support student participation in the 2022 school. These grants are supported by a National Science Foundation (NSF) award to the organizers of the 2020 school at Brandeis University. We are deeply grateful to the NSF for allowing these funds to be expended this year, and to the Brandeis University team for their assistance in delivering the funds to students.

Grants will defray the costs of students traveling to participate in NASSLLI at USC in Los Angeles, California. While we intend to offer hybrid participation options, grants can only be offered to in-person participants, and grant funds will be released following completion of a check-in process onsite at USC. Please note that while the Covid-19 emergency continues, in-person participation will require compliance with all local public health guidelines which presently include USC’s requirement for full vaccination and universal indoor masking.

The grant application deadline is February 22nd March 3rd, 2022. All application materials must be received before midnight (Pacific Time) on that date. Incomplete applications and applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All questions leading up to this deadline should be addressed to the grant selection committee at We will notify applicants of the results of our selection process in advance of the deadline for registration to the school.

A few notes on our selection process: we will not exclude applications from non-faculty scholars who have already earned their PhD, but those who have not yet earned their PhD will be prioritized. Additionally, we recognize that some groups are significantly underrepresented in the fields included under the NASSLLI umbrella, and that it will enrich those fields and society to remedy such imbalances, therefore we will hold matters of diversity, inclusion, and access at the forefront of our selection process. Non-US residents are eligible to receive a grant.

A complete submission will include the following elements:
  1. A copy of your current CV. Ensure that it notes any relevant publications, presentations, research experience, relevant coursework, extracurricular, and/or outreach activities.
  2. A personal statement (no more than 2 pages). You might address the following elements:
    1. Motivation to attend. This could include detailing specific courses that you are interested to participate in, and why; whether there is coursework being offered that is particularly relevant to your research interests and/or that will help to fill gaps in the education offered at your home institution; etc.
    2. Academic/research. A clear statement of your research project or interests, and how it stands to benefit the NASSLLI fields and/or society; your current program and level of study (e.g. what year of graduate/undergraduate studies); your specialization or major; relevant research experience; etc.
    3. Diversity. An indication of whether and how you see your participation increasing diversity, inclusion, and access in the NASSLLI fields. This could include commenting on: whether you are a member of a group historically underrepresented in one or more of your discipline(s) of interest (e.g. based on gender, race, class, first generation college); your participation in activities designed to increase diversity, inclusion and access; your sensitivity to relevant issues; etc.
    4. Financial need. Is a grant from NASSLLI necessary for you to participate in the school? Please comment on the availability of summer travel funding from your institution. Additionally, if your school allows you to secure such funding in advance of this application, please pursue such options and report the results/status in your personal statement.
  3. A 1-page letter of support from a faculty mentor. Letters of support should explain why you are a good candidate for a grant by addressing your current involvement with and potential contributions to the NASSLLI fields, and any leadership in advocating for diversity and inclusion in those fields or in academia more broadly. Please request that your faculty mentor send their letter before the February 22nd March 3rd, 2022 deadline by email to
If you are selected to receive a grant, once your in-person participation is confirmed we will request that Brandeis University process the payment of your student grant. You will then receive an email from Brandeis University with the required taxpayer identification forms and submission instructions. You will receive your grant payment within 4-6 weeks after you complete and submit those forms.

Applications are now closed. Results will be announced before early-bird registration ends.